plastic surgery in korea before and after photo

Eyelid surgery and nose job in korea Before and after
This is one kind of blepharoplasty, korean double eyelid surgery. Also known as the ‘pinch method’, double eyelid non-incision surgery involves using minute openings made in the eyelid. Wonjin uses a special method that leaves no scarring and lowers the probability of requiring revision surgery.

For the past 23 years I have lived with a protruding jaw, had difficulty when chewing food, awkward pronunciation, and an ‘older than my age’ appearance due to a long face. I am both worried and nervous about having surgery to correct these problems! It is especially difficult to tell if I am a manwoman just by looking at my eyes. They are so ugly! I am ready to be born again.
With an anxious heart I am sitting down and writing this diary before my surgery. I remember just going in for a consultation and tomorrow is already the day of my surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group…Yikes! I can’t believe this is going to happen. To be honest, I am still quite worried ? Will it hurt a lot??What happens if I don’t wake up??Worries about side effects…what I will eat, work, etc my head is full of worries and about to burst…I believe that there will be no accidents and my surgery will be great!
Looking at myself currently…really makes me dislike myself. I want to quickly be prettier and healthier born again! I believe this will be the starting point of my second life! Fighting!!!

3 days after
My mother is going through so much trouble because of me. I keep dozing off to sleep and my mother stays by my side and urges me to eat regularly. I feel so bad to cause my mother all this trouble and worry. ? As soon as I get discharged from the hospital my mother promises to make many delicious meals for me I wonder if I will be able to chew and enjoy them properly… I want to hurry and get better to eat my mother’s delicious meals! Mom please wait a bit, I will become a pretty and strong daughter soon!

7 days after
It’s already been a week. I am almost done with my medication and taking walks here and there is helping the time pass fast. I am regularly taking walks and eating pumpkin porridge but why does it seem like my swelling does not change. I want to hurry and see myself with no swollen areas. Every day I am just looking in the mirror but it appears the mirror can’t take my swelling go away. (Oh well hah) Because I underwent two jaw surgery, I only concentrated on my jaw area and didn’t get a chance to check out my eyes. I checked them out today and wow they appear quite natural! To give my eyes more exposure I have decided to take more walks keke. My mind is calm and I can move however I like at home. I love it!

2 weeks after
I recently took a visit to Wonjin clinic and learned mouth opening exercises. Beginning with ‘ah, oh, smile’ I practiced every day opening my mouth as wide as the width of one finger! I feel confident that after a little more practice I will be able to fit 2-3 fingers. I also learned how to wear the rubber bands. I don’t have to worry about it now, but after stitch removal I will be in charge of wearing and taking off the rubber bands myself. I’m going to visit the clinic in a few days to get my stitches removed and I hope to eat porridge and ramen as much~♪

plastic surgery in korea

My plastic surgery story 3month’s after
I remember thinking 1-2 weeks after surgery, why did I go through this, I should have just stayed the way I was! I used to think that way but as time goes very fast, I am so glad I went through surgery!

To be honest, I was afraid of side effects. However, I believe that my appearance now is all thanks to the well experienced surgeon who operated on me. I would like to take time in my posting to express gratitude to my surgeon ^^!

I may still be young but actually I wanted to get a car before getting surgery. I’m glad I got surgery first! Instead of suffering with my condition for another year, getting surgery now would improve my quality of life in the long run. This was the biggest decision of my life. The risk was high but the result was well worth it.


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