eyelid surger before and after [ korea wonjin beauty medical group]

Eyelid Surgery story in korea wonjin beauty medical group

My plastic surgery story

eyelid surger before and after [ korea wonjin beauty medical group]
eyelid surger before and after [ korea wonjin beauty medical group]

Small and fierce appearing eyes complex
I have had a complex about my small and fierce appearing eyes.. Applying smoky makeup was one way to slightly soften my appearance…to lower the corners of my eyes I would apply heavy eyeliner every morning. When I had a date I would apply even more eyeliner…

Now that I think about it, the people around me would always ask, “Why do you go around with such heavy eyeliner? It makes you look stuffy…”
these same people want to see me without makeup on. I want to go around with no makeup! but what can I do when this is how I was born… I know that eye makeup should be done subtly to accent my features, but subtle makeup is just not enough. When I tell how I feel to my friends they tell me to have plastic surgery…I want to cast off photoshop and heavy eye makeup and have natural appearing, attractive eyes~!

3 days after

3days after eyelid surger
3days after eyelid surger

I haven’t got my stitches removed yet~~I even have bruises around my eye…Nevertheless, don’t you think my complexion has become softer? I want to see the shape of my eyes without stitches. I keep looking at the mirror and my younger brother tells me to quit looking. He asks me if I keep looking, will it reduce my swelling. Even though they are swollen, I am amazed at how my eyes have changed~! I want to hurry and recover…

7 days after

7days after eyelid surger
7days after eyelid surger

I think most of my bruises and big swollen areas are gone. I remember thinking before surgery that I really wanted eyes like IU’s.. I think my eyes now resemble hers, right?^^;;; It’s been a week and I got my stitches removed. I heard I could apply light makeup now and decided to go out. I told some friends about my plans to have surgery but I didn’t tell all of them. I went to meet them and they only wondered if I changed my make up style~~ I was already feeling satisfied on the inside but when my friends complimented me, I was even happier. I hope it heals well~~ I want to continue these happy days.

2 weeks after

14days after eyelid surger
14days after eyelid surger

It’s only been 2 weeks but my eyes look very natural~~ I was more concerned with how my eyes would heal and was worried about my double eyelids coming undone. But, my eyes are healing well and my appearance has definitely become softer~~Applying makeup is not a problem, but when I remove it I take extra special care. It never hurts to be careful, right? When I take a self-picture my eyes appear much cuter now and I feel so happy~~ My eyes even look bigger after applying makeup!~

1 months later

30days after eyelid surger
30days after eyelid surger

Time sure goes by fast, it’s already been one month. My scars have healed~~ I apply eyeliner however I want… I even go out often with no makeup.

I could not have imagined this before having surgery. I feel fine going out with just sun cream, and now that my trademark ‘smoky makeup’ is gone my friends say I’ve become much cuter. I’ve heard that some people who had double eyelid surgery can have scars, but thankfully I don’t.

When I meet people I haven’t seen in awhile and, I don’t tell them about my surgery they don’t notice! I am so fortunate my eyes are healing well.^^

1month after eyelid surger before and after photo
1month after eyelid surger before and after photo

When I think about what I went through right after surgery..not able to go out because of my swollen eyes..the pain and discomfort while healing… and I look at how lovely my eyes have become now, it was totally worth it!

3month’s after

3month after eyelid surgery
3month after eyelid surgery

Like “Puppy-eyes” ♥
Nobody can tell I had surgery. The shape of my eyes have become much softer and everyone around me says I have puppy-like eyes. After experiencing such good results with lateralcanthoplasty, now I want to try epicanthoplasty!

My friends who had similar surgery did not have noticeable results. Therefore, I had some doubts before going to my consultation. However, the head surgeon was so warm and compassionate about my troubles I could trust him and went through with the surgery! Thank you Wonjin for softening my fox-like eyes. Love y’all♥

Goodbye days of wearing heavy makeup! My image has been made over and I have gained confidence. Each and every day is a delight~


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